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      I welcome you to my collections. These are collections of wallpapers made from Earth: Final Conflict images.

     Also if you wish to have a copy of matching Screen Servers, Click here for a copy of the screen savers and instructions as to how to install the Screen Savers. However, it is very much advised that you are MSN, Yahoo.

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  Here are the wallpapers:

Special Thanks to:  Ro'el  for the poem Sinaui Euhura.

The Unification Movement wish to thank EMusic Unlimited for sounds that I used and will use for screen saver.

Photos on this page are from Gene Roddenbbery's Earth: Final Conflict
and are copyright 2001, Tribune Entertainment Co.

However, some of the photos are taken by  Anna with the use of Video Cutter Software and Stella Gorman. All rights reserved.

All wallpapers were created by Anna, Colette, Kim Clarke & La'khar. Copyright 2001. All rights reserved.
All Anna's wallpapers has a screen saver counterpart. All rights reserved.
Poetry is written by An'gel Gutierrez. Copyright 2001. All rights reserved.


Text & background were designed by the Unification Movement © 2001, All rights reserved.

For any suggestions, comments, complaints, or request please contact Mi'raa.